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Class-A 14-16 mpg
Class-B 19-25 mpg
Class-C 16-19 mpg

Sprinter RV Varieties - Sorted Alphabetically

Many varieties (OEM & Aftermarket) of Sprinter RV's are available. Listed below are Class B RVs unless otherwise noted. These varieties may or may not be available in all countries or all brands, nor for all years. Wherever possible the details of country availability should be clearly communicated.

Sprinter base specs: 2003-2007 or 2008-Today

The entries below are listed alphabetically and follow the format <brand> (<models>) - <country availability>.

  • Rexhall (RVAN 2006 & 2007, Class C's) - US (No Sprinters shown on their Web site, as of Apr 2011)

2009 Single year model shared across some manufacturers


  • Sportsmobile (Huntington IN, Austin TX, or Fresno CA)
    • The home of the pop-top camper and other options to make an RV.


  • Bimobil (BJ 330, LB 365, LBX 365, HD 420, LB 458, ST 702, Class C) - DE
  • Hymer (Class A, B, and C) - DE
  • CS-Reisemobile (Amigo, Corona, Cosmo, Duo, Independent, Luxor, Rondo, Class B since 1979) - DE
  • Dopfer (Class A, B, and C) - DE
  • HRZ Reisemobile (Beach, Dream, Star, Joy, Sahara, City, Freedom, Life, Class B since 1972) - DE
  • Wochner (Xaluca, Xantano, Mujaro, Class C) - DE
  • Woelcke (Autark Runner, Class C) - DE

Also see Accessories and Other Forums

Out of business, no longer found

  • V-trek (V-trek, from 2009 has a bike garage under rear bed) - UK
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