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Type Manual
1st 5.014
2nd 2.831
3rd 1.789
4th 1.256
5th 1.00
6th 0.828
Reverse 4.569
Max Torque Input 272ft-lb / 370Nm
Weight 89.3lbs / 40.5kg

The NSG370 six-speed manual transmission provides optimal shift quality, improved quietness and high quality. For smooth operation the First and Second gears have triple-cone synchronization, the Third and Fourth gears feature double-cone and the Fifth and Sixth gears single-cone synchronization. Hard-finished gears allow for quiet operation. A multi-rail, steel-construction shift system delivers high strength and precision. The two-piece aluminum case with integrated clutch housing assures powertrain stiffness and light weight. The new First-gear ratio combined with six-speed step spread allows optimization of axle ratios for fuel economy and performance.