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- Van color chart - Real world color examples

Van Color Chart

NCV3 Colors

'Real World' Color Examples

Colors are had to discern from the small samples that MB gives us. Likewise, the color chart above doesn't translate well to reality. To help future owners choose their colors, this article gathers photographs found featuring real-world examples of specific colors.

I've found these pictures across the web. Apologies if I've used a picture of your van and you'd rather I hadn't; feel free to edit and remove.

Graphite Grey Metallic:

The above image is courtesy of forum member StipeArt; they noted that the picture shows the color lighter than usually seen, because of bright sunlight. "It is a very dark metallic grey. Sparkley."

Jasper Blue Metallic:

Stone Grey:

Vanda Blue:

Silver Grey and Brilliant Silver Metallic side-by-side:

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