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2003 Vista Cruiser MB G22 - right front
2009 Vista Cruiser MB G31 - left front

Another long time conversion of the Sprinter. Several variations on the floor plan including rear dinette, rear sofa, and rear kitchen were made on the 2003-2009 Sprinters.

To discuss and get access to further info on Gulfstream Vista Cruiser RV's you can visit the GulfStream Vista Cruiser MB pages.

Floor Plans


G22 Rear Dinette Converts to Queen Size Bed 2004-2007 Includes front sofa as well as the rear dinette


G24 Rear Queen Size Bed 2004-2008 This model included pushouts instead of the rear windows leaving more space to lay across the van instead of laying front to back. The bed was elevated so head and feet were at the level of the window. Storage was provided below and the bed could be folded into the van allowing the entire back of the van to be used for storage floor to ceiling.


G26 Rear Dinette and larger Bath and fridge 2004-2006 Sacrifices the front sofa from the G22


G28 Rear Kitchen 2006-2007 This model included pushouts instead of the rear windows leaving more space for the kitchen and bath.


G30 Rear Sofa 2007-2008 This layout is becoming the dominant design in the Sprinter industry.

G31 Similar to G30 2008-2009 built on the redesigned 2007 Sprinter chassis, included an actual water heater.

Technical Specifications

Vista Cruiser 2007 MB Edition

Fresh Water 27 Gal

Gray Water 12 Gal

Black Water 12 Gal

Water Heater Warm on Demand (30 degrees above water temp approx.)

Fuel Tank 26.4 Gal

Fuel Economy 22 MPG

LP Gas Tank 7 Gal

Generator 2.5 Onan MicroLite®

A/C 11,000 BTU Roof A/C

Furnace 16,000 BTU

Amp Service 30 AMP Service W/30A Converter

Alarms Smoke detector, LPG-leak detector, Carbon monoxide (CO) detector, Fire extinguisher(s)

Chassis Specs

See T1N-specs

Wheelbase 158" or 170" on G31

Exterior Length 21'6" (259.4") or 22'9" on G31

Exterior Width 6'4" (76.1") or 6'6" on G31

Protection Anti-theft deterrent system (USP Immobilizer)

Rear Axel Ratio 4.11 (Recommended for frequent use in hilly regions or for towing)

Known Problems

  • Complaints have been logged about leaking from the extention pods on the G24 and G28 models. These are held on by high tech tape and calked. There was a tech bulletin to add 4 bolts to the corners to keep them on but most are well affixed and do not need modification. If they do come off they can be replaced by the manufacturer and mounted by anyone.
  • Hot water is supplied by an on-demand system that heats the water as you use it. The system is only capable of a 30° max. increase in the water temperature. If the water supply is cold the heater can't really heat the water.


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