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2006 Itasca Navion
2008 Winnebago View

The Winnebago View or Itasca Navion is a Class C RV based on the Dodge Sprinter chassis. This vehicle has been available in the US market from 2006 until Today. This was the original Chassis built RVs instead of the more classic Conversion Van based RVs that had been built until its time and WInnebago got the exclusive for more than two years on the Mercedes chassis.

To discuss and get access to further info on Winnebago View / Itasca Navion RV's you can visit the View/Navion pages.


Floor Plans

2009-2010 View / Navion 24A

2007-2008 View / Navion 23/24B

2006-2009 View 23/24H 2008-2009 Navion 24H
2006-2011 View / Navion 23/24J Rear Corner Bed
2010-2011 View / Navion 24K
2009-2010 View 24P Rear Bunks

Technical Specifications

24A 24B 24H 24J 24K 24P
Water tank 34/37 gal 33 gal 35 gal 35 gal 35 gal 39 gal
Black/Gray 33/24 30/27 33/27 31/38 33/27 28/27
LPG 18/13 18 gal 18 gal 18/13 13 gal 18 gal
Water heater with electronic ignition 6 gal
Furnace - direct discharge 25,000 BTU
Air Conditioning 13,500 BTU

Outside shower

Chassis Specs

2006-2007 Specs 23B, 23H, or 23J or 2008 and on Specs 24A, 24B, 24H, 24J, 24K or 24P

Known Problems

This section needs completion.


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