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NCV3 - USA + Canada (2015-2018)

The Sprinter 4x4 does not have locking or limited-slip differentials. Instead, it uses 4ETS to brake individual wheels that are spinning, and direct torque to wheels with more traction.


The Sprinter 4x4 with option ZG1 has a part-time all-wheel drive system with a 35% front / 65% rear torque split. When disengaged, the vehicle is rear-wheel drive.


The ZG3 option adds a low range - "The transmission ratio from the engine to the wheels is around 40% lower than in the on-road position." - 2016 owners manual


Option ZH4 downhill speed regulation - Operates at 2.5 - 11 mph.

Option Codes

Option Codes
Code Description
ZG1 part-time all-wheel drive ($6500 US), requires OM642 engine
ZG3 low range ($300 US)
ZH4 Downhill Speed Regulation for 4x4 - available 2016+


Compared to the two-wheel drive version, the suspension is raised 4.3 inches in front and 3.1 in the rear.

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