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2005 Airstream Interstate
2010 Airstream Interstate

The Airstream Interstate is a Class B RV based on the Sprinter. This vehicle has been available in the US market from 2004 until Today. In 2008 they started to build them on the one ton 3500 model instead of the original 2500 the first generation used. This was in line with the remodel of the Sprinter that was done in 2007 that added many dimensional and mechanical options to the originally designed Sprinter.

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Floor Plans

Interstate 22 DT.png Interstate 22 RS.png Interstate 22 FS.png Interstate 22 RD.png

INTERSTATE 2008 and beyond floor plan

Technical Specifications

Interstate Specs

2500 (before '08) 3500 ('08 and on)
Water tank with drain valve 30 gal 26 gal heated
Gray holding tank heated 31 gal 27 gal
Blackwater holding tank combo w/gray 16 gal
12v heating pad Grey/Black tank Fresh water tank
LPG 23 lbs 14 gal
Water heater with electronic ignition 6 gal 6 gal
Outside Shower Yes tbd
Furnace - direct discharge 12,000 BTU 16,000 BTU
Air Conditioning 11,000 BTU 13,500 BTU
Fridge 3 cu. ft. 3.1 cu. ft.

Chassis Specs

For model year 2004 to 2007 the Interstate was built on the 158" wheelbase, 2.7 liter i5 Mercedes-Benz T1N chassis and came badged as Dodge or Freightliner.

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From 2008 forward the Interstate has been produced on the 170" wheelbase, 3.0 liter v6 M-B NCV3 chassis and comes badged as either Mecedes or Freightliner. Other Airstream models are produced on a shorter wheelbase chassis.

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Known Problems

  • Some owners report T1N Sprinters have plumbing issues where the drain and vent attach to the grey water tank.