On and around the Maine coast.


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Looking at the moon, and tide about to hit high jumping the rocks off the deck. Gorgeous!

Patrick walsh

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Idk I’m hopeful I’ll like winters up there.

I had a friend years ago whom owned the old bank on main st in lubec Maine. Also the old ice cream or clam shack at the other end of Maine street.

Sadly the sauce and I suppose mental illness took him.

Anyway I went up a couple times in winter. Across the street from the bank was a barroom that sat right on the bay. The ice formations on the back of the buildings on the bay were amazing to say the least.

If I remember correctly they also farmed salmon and scallops right there.

The round pens used to house the farms were quite beautiful in their own way.

Im considering moving just south of Acadia near Deer Isle full time.

I think I’ll like it, it’s that or the green mountains.

Hopefully I choose the right one.
I do not like the harsh winters, but the summer and fall is fantastic. The coastline is spectacular. I live on Philips Lake which is about 45 minutes from Bar Harbor. It's reasonable to live here, and tons of nature. If you don't mind winter, you'll be fine! Always things to do, and tons of breweries.

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Work I need work.

I’m a fine cabinet maker with a strong backgtound in custom home building.

spent the last two years building two pipe organs.

ideally I can find wire building cabinetry?

Patrick walsh

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it is a zoo up there to to some extent. I love the Maine coast but I think I prefer Vermont for the very reason you are experiencing.

to many of us want to be there. Maines year round population is perfect, but it’s seasonal population imop is miserable and exactly the kind of population density I’m trying to escape.

Regardless we have fun and I hope you do also.

Acadia is beautiful, that can’t be argued.

Day trip to Acadia from New Harbor area today. Way too much traffic. Damn tourists!

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My pictures.

They are north. PM me and I’ll tell you exactly where.

I’d rather not announce it totally as it’s still a wee bit of a hidden gem. Not fully undiscovered by any means but kinda by the masses.

Really pm me snd I’d be glad to share.

About to pack the van to head to Vermont.


I’m going in august. Where is that? Bar harbor or just south of it?

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