roof top tent


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Has anyone installed a rooftop tent (roof nest)? I wasn't to install the roof rack and have the tent installed on top of the alum. roof rack.

Planning for a 30 camping trip with my son next summer. My van 2012 144 low top, 110K miles, original owner. Looks like a sparrow should fit in
the rack, need a longer ladder or use the ladder installed with the roof rack.


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i am tempted but i converted a passenger 144 high roof and i have the extra large AC unit so my space is very limited, but your set up sounds like a perfect candidate for it, just leave some room for ceiling fan.


2016 Unity MB
With the quick setup tents now available the roof tents only make sense to me when you need to get off the ground. So where I plan on going and would I be able to find level ground at most locations would be part of "is it a good idea"
We went with a cabin tent so we could get get a couple of good air mattresses and it served as a shelter to get away from bugs. we had double high air mattresses with the built in AC pump and but if your are taking an air compressor not need for the built in pump.
and, I no longer make it through the night without a washroom visit (-:

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