MasterTech—Andrew Fowner

MasterTech is now down off of I-40 just west of 6th St and Haines NW. Andrew serviced our Dodge 3/4 ton with a Turbodiesel for over ten years and he has serviced our Sprinter since we got it in April of 2019. Competent and reasonably priced. Plan on leaving it for at least a day.505-881-8660 land line and 505-550-7342 is his cell. He races on the weekend.


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4 weeks into a 6 week trip across the U.S., our RoadTrek rv on a 2008 Freightliner Sprinter developed some strange electrical problems and, intermittently, would not start. We made it to a friends home near Albuquerque and the van refused to start over the course of a weekend. I called Andrew and he was incredibly generous with his time on the phone, he spent about 45 minutes over the course of a morning making suggestions about how to test various relays. We managed to get the van started for the next leg of the trip and after I cleaned the blades of every relay that I could reach, and removed and reinserted every fuse that could be involved in the starting system, the van is now starting every time. Andrew wouldn't accept any money for the help that he gave us, he told me to pay it forward. Since he never put his hands on my van I can't comment on his repair skills but I can tell you that he is very knowledgeable about Sprinters and is a hell of a nice guy who I wouldn't hesitate to trust with my van.


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Unfortunately as of late 2022 Mastertech & Andrew can no longer work on Sprinters. They moved to a new shop and they have maximum 8 foot clearance. Andrew was very apologetic and friendly - so it’s a bummer.

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