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Hi guys .
looking for some help with my 2004 sprinter sprint shift 2.2 6 speed, recently had the clutch changed due to it slipping but having trouble with it changing from 3-4 4-5 seems to still have a little slip and goes onto manual mode once in4th gear . It has been adjusted with the correct scanner tool . Should I have changed the slave / release 😬😬😬


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It’s had both the clutch and gearbox teach in?

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Some shift faults are caused by poor electrical connection in the transmission plug. if a mechanic has had the plug out best you get a can of contact cleaner and give the plug and socket a good wash. Eric.


>2,000,000m in MB vans
The teach ins are necessary in order that the new wear values of the replacement components can be adapted to the electronic gear shifting action (engage, bite, release etc.). It does seem odd therefore if those have been executed that you've still got clutch slipping issues.

You've got nothing to lose following Eric's advice. As he mentioned a lot of Sprintshift niggles are electrical or they can be vacuum related too. If that doesn't help then the previous work may well need to be checked.

Pretty sure my old Sprintshift was on its fourth clutch pack when I sold it (it had done over 800,000 miles). I always had the flywheel and release bearing done at the same time - replaced the lot and started again with all new parts.

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