Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA (Dealership)


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Curiosity fed the dog
MB Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Stopped here to get a faulty center driveshaft carrier bearing replaced (under warranty). These guys take care of business! Friendly, professional, and confident. Don't offer loaners for Sprinter service (WTF?), but got the work done fast and right. Found a transmission coupler problem that my local dealer (Naples, FL) had missed during B service a week before. Solved a warranty registration problem with grace. Dan Davenport was my SA. Like a lot of MB dealers, they're undergoing extreme renovations - but didn't blink an eye.


Any info more recent then 16 months or so?
Currently 80 miles outside of Baton Rouge, La & my A service (?) warning symbol is telling me to get in now at 200 miles, but now I've all sorts of other lights going on.

I believe I can add DEF & make it to Houston where I have family & have an easier time with the transition.

We left North Central Oregon 18th of Jan, & after hitting St Augustine, FL, we are heading back home slowly.

Any help on recommendations here in the Baton Rouge area or the Houston area would be greatly appreciated.


Well, I would not recommend these folks. Took twice as long as they said. Somehow they disabled my flasher door lock sequence 7 I've not been able to correct yet.
No, unless your local then you can go back, but thru ways beware!


I had a bad experience with them, charged a LOT more to install my cruise control than the local dodge dealer did (on my other van -when they serviced sprinters) then when i got my van back the horn didn't work. The service writer insisted that it wasn't working when i brought it in. After hours of waiting and being told that if they determined that it wasn't their fault that i would have to pay. The mechanic walked up front and explained that a wire in the harness pulled out when he dropped the steering column. At least he was polite and honest. I might still have to use this dealership because my choices are few.

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