Common Rail Injector Test and Repair Service

Phoenix Technique

Specializing in Common Rail Injector Remanufacture
Hello Everyone. I'm Ed, and I am co-owner of Phoenix Technique, LLC. We are a small business specializing in remanufacturing Common Rail injectors. We specialize in Bosch Piezo-type injectors. Our current focus is on injectors for light- and medium-duty truck applications such as Ford Power Stroke, GM Duramax, and Cummins.

What does this have to do with Sprinters? Well, while we might not remanufacture Sprinter injectors for exchange*, we have added a new "Test and Advise" service. This is pretty much what it says on the tin. Send us your injectors, and we'll inspect and test them and furnish you with results (for a reasonable fee, of course). Turnaround time from when we receive the injector is usually two business days. The job includes:
  • A complete external cleaning, with the inlet and return sealed to prevent contamination.
  • A thorough visual inspection, including high-magnification examination of the nozzle and electrical terminals.
  • An in-depth electrical test to verify the condition of the injector prior to test. For Piezo-type injectors, we have a dedicated test apparatus that does a complete assessment of the piezo element's resistance, capacitance, response characteristics, and on-time resistance decay.
  • Dynamic flushing of the injector prior to testing.
  • A full, OEM-equivalent test cycle on our common rail injector tester. Complete IQA codes and ISA assignments are generated for injectors passing the test.
  • New copper chamber gaskets and external o-rings installed.
  • Sealed, boxed, and returned to you ready to install. You'll receive a full copy of the test report as well as a summary of our examination.
In addition, for Sprinter injectors from 2002 to 2009, we offer a repair service if the injector fails. The repair job will completely disassemble the injector, ultrasonically clean the components, inspect for wear/damage/erosion, refurbish or repair components as needed, reassemble the injector, and test per above. We treat each repair injector individually, only replacing components as when needed. We source our repair components from suppliers in the USA and Europe, and have complete confidence in the quality and value of what we offer. Turnaround time for a repair job can vary, but I generally quote around ten business days. This might seem like a long time these days, but we'd rather take the time to do a job right the first time.

Interested? Visit our website, or give us a call.


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