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Hey everyone, I thought I'd share my experience getting windows for my 2021 170" VS30

I had originally wanted to get CR Laurence windows because I really wanted to be able to open them even if it's raining. But I'd read so many complaints about quality issues. My friend is Nova Scotia ordered a pair of CRL windows and neither opened very well and one was clearly defective. The distributor happily sent another but it was just as bad. The distributor was willing to open them up and inspect the windows. They had to open several more to find one the wasn't defective. So you better have a distributor willing to take care of quality issues for you. But me, I'm not willing to buy a product with so many problems.

What else was out there?

Motion windows look fine but it looks like they've never updated the design to match the van window cut-outs. So they look great on a TN1 but I don't love the look for newer vans.

I was considering AMA windows but then noticed that Van Windows Direct has a similar in-house brand for a lower price. They looked pretty nice and are apparently made in Turkey (where I assume there is a larger European market for aftermarket Sprinter windows). When I asked, Van Windows Direct told me that slider options for all window positions would soon be available. But then they stopped responding to emails, couldn't be reach by phone and then I got "voicemail box full". Not sure what's going on. Maybe they are just busy with too many orders but I don't like being ghosted.

I noticed on another post that Brandon@Premier said his company made windows so I reached out. Turns out that he's an executive sales associate for Premier Products. It looks like they mostly do business-to-business sales to limousine outfitters but apparently Storyteller Overland uses their windows. But now they are willing to sell directly to customers. Having found someone with product in stock and responsive, I went for it.

The windows arrived well packed.

PXL_20210501_153435385 - Copy.jpg

They mostly looked great. Reportedly the glass is a better temper than CRL so therefore the glass has no waviness.

PXL_20210508_022423933 - Copy.jpg

A couple windows were roughed up a little at the edges -- whether not quite perfectly made at the factory or at the warehouse/packaging I couldn't say. If you look really close, you can see a bit of imperfection in the lower rear corner of the rearmost drivers-side window.

PXL_20210508_022407624 - Copy.jpg

And the opening section on the sliding door doesn't close perfectly flush (maybe couple millimeters).
Nothing that spoils my enjoyment of the windows and still way better than the alternatives imo.

They are a similar design to the CRL windows but open way further.

PXL_20210508_181556339 - Copy.jpg

Gotta remember not to open the door all the way if we have the rearmost window crank fully open! In the picture, that last window is only open partway to clear the door...

I don't love the crank handles but they work well.

PXL_20210508_022404044 - Copy.jpg

Since they do mostly OEM, you don't get instructions or screws. But you can find hundreds of how-to videos. And you should be able to find #8 x 3/4" general purpose panhead screws at your local hardware store -- you'll need 132 of them :cool:

Also the ordering had a couple of points of friction. Since they do mostly B2B, they had me fill out a silly corporate accounting form
Name of company: my name
Owner of company: my name, email and cell phone
Billing contact: my name, email and cell phone
Shipping contact: my name, email and cell phone
Kind of like filling out the form at the doctors office ("Didn't I just fill this out last week?")

And then the shipping was 2x what was quoted. But they gave me a little discount after griping.

Total was $3,200 for six windows (four operable) with shipping.

I'd recommend considering these guys before buying CRL windows

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