Best Furnace for your Sprinter?

The first question you should ask, is a furnace necessary? We all know the stock heating system in most Sprinter Vans is less than adequate. Yes you could always just use a portable space heater, but you can never truly trust the safety of those things. For those who mainly travel in a colder climate this answer is clearer than others, for the rest we at Rixens believe the old adage " I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it ". Does preparedness justify the cost? For most of you, the purpose of having and customizing your sprinter is to travel. You want a reliable, safe and efficient heating system that serves multiple uses. We believe we have the right system to fit your specific needs, whether its a furnace system just to warm me up every now and then, to a full Hydronic system to warm me up, supply constant tankless hot water, heat up my engine in extreme conditions and heat my floor. Click HERE to learn more about our great products and great prices.

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