Christopher, Greenville, SC (Freightliner)


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Split intake hose from intercooler, Mechanics and parts people waited 45 min after closing for me to get there and install new hose assy. I think excellent price for the after hour service. GREAT JOB GUYS AND THANK YOU!!!! Got me to NJ.


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Anyone know if they're still doing Sprinter engine work? I have a 2007 2500 3L V6 with a broken stuck glow plug and our local diesel repair shop recommended them.


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My experience with Christopher Trucks so far is very limited. I bought a new key faub from them and they programmed it for my 2012 RV. It was a very positive experience! The service guy also gave me some good info on the wear pattern on my front tires and I observed an ambulance sitting on the lot with the same issue.
While waiting on my van, I met a couple from WNC who had their Class A diesel pusher in for service - they praised Christopher Trucks HIGHLY!! I like to get this kind of input before entrusting my "baby" to someone!!!


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Just picked up my 2007 Sprinter 2500 3L V6 after having a stuck, broken off glow plug and the center drive shaft bearing replaced. Ed was able to remove the glow plug without pulling the cylinder head! He says that they have a lot of the specialized repair tools.


Christopher Trucks installed a remanufactured engine in my 06 Winnebago View. After 1500 miles, it's running fine w/ no leaks. (They don't do rebuilds.)

They also worked on my ABS/Traction Control. Light had been on steadily for many many miles. Ed did a special bleed process to actuate a stuck valve but it sounds like an iffy thing. So far so good after 100 miles --we'll see.

They're really good people to work with.


The actual address is
108 Harris Rd, Piedmont, SC 29673

Chris' Trucks was recently purchased by Velocity Truck Centers

current labor is $182
diagnostic is $364
Only uses OEM
Certified Mercedes

Ed is very knowledgeable about sprinters, especially T1Ns, he's aware of this forums and Dr. A's transmission torque converter fix. He was super nice with me and we got a solid 20 min chat session after my first apt which helped me confirm the mechanic is top notch.
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