Drugs are bad mmm'kay - Ignition destroyed & vent window

One of our T1Ns was broken into. (We have an '03 and '04 and I'm not sure which it was.) Anyway we now have a busted passenger side vent window and a destroyed ignition. I really like these vans but since I've stopped servicing them they've become a drag. We cannot find an independent sprinter tech in the DC-area!

I want to try and repair this before giving up on the van. Its this a matter or find used ignition and matching keys and rekey doors or is there another way. I really hope we can save the old girl.

Also are vent windows replaceable.

I'm pretty bummed about this.



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I am no sprinter expert but I believe you have two options....


Key and Ignition

Another option and likely easier and cheaper.

I would call a locksmith who makes keys for vehicles. I have done it this way on two cars. Corvette and Cadillac.

You get a used ignition w/ key then do all the install yourself. Then have the key reprogrammed to talk to the SKREEM and ECU.

I would call "three" locksmiths. Trust me you need to call more then one to find a trust worthy one or rely on yelp reviews. Tell them what happened and you ALREADY bought the ignition w/key. If you don't tell them that they will often tell you that HAVE to buy a new one. Ask them if you install the ignition can they program the key to communicate with the ecu and skreem. They can but...... Mercedes likes to complicate things and the ignition may also need to match which then you are back to option 1.

They may also say they need to do it on location which is a lie. Its all computerized and they communicate directly with the manufacturer for the information. The only thing YOU NEED is proof you own the vehicle, registration and the key.

Usually cost between 100-200 depending on the locksmith.


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Get new barrel and have it set to work with your keys?
Or get a new barrel that works with any key of your choice and move the chip over to the new keys. It comes out super easy.
Or glue the chip to the ignition switch so you never need a chipped key again...


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If the ECM isn't damaged, it could be as simple as buying a new/used ignition switch assembly, having a locksmith "re-key" it to match your current keys, buy a new bezel (the antenna for the SKREEM).
Unlike the newer models, the T1N's ignition switch is "dumb", so a simple mechanical replacement is adequate.
The SKREEM (hidden behind the instrument panel) does the code-recognition, so it will still honor your existing keys once the bezel antenna is replaced.

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If the ECM isn't damaged, it could be as simple as buying a new/used ignition switch assembly, having a locksmith "re-key" it to match your current keys
If you decide on this method make sure you find a locksmith that will do it for a descent price. I have always been quoted 400+ to do it when I asked to have the doors locks, trunks and ignition keys match.

If that is important to you... cheaper to get everything with matching keys at a wrecking yard.


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The vent window is held in by the old-school black rubber edge seal and can be installed using the standard “cord in the groove” method... Maybe post an ask over in the Marketplace forum area? I imagine a good glass shop could source one, or dealer? It’s tempered glass, so treat the edges kindly.


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My 2 cents...if the ignition in its present state can be turned to its various positions, cobble something together for using it, make sure your key chip is adjacent and off you go. A bit hillbilly but without the chip no one is stealing your van.

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