NorCal Sprinter Campout #6 is on-October 7-11, 2021 at Taylorsville CG


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NorCal Sprinter Campout #6 Oct7-11, 2021 at Taylorsville CG

Hello Sprinter Camper enthusiasts. The NorCal Sprinter Campout #6 is slated for this October 7 to 11, 2021 at the Taylorsville County Campground located in Plumas County California.
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What is the NCSC:
It is an informal get-together of Sprinter, Ram, Transit owners and enthusiasts-wannabuys, of Class B and C rigs, both DIY and factory converted. If you can stand in your van this is your event. And even if you can't, VWs and domestics are all welcome. There is always an interesting cross section of owners; retirees, professionals, ski and bike bums, weekend warriors to full-timers.

It's a simple campout where owners who love camping in the vehicles they bought or built-out and cherish hangout for a few days swapping stories, sharing ideas, and showing build-outs from empty vans to decked out builds. Me, I'm in an older T1N, but we have friends coming in contemporary rigs such as the Revel and a Class C Prism. There are plenty of DIY rigs built-out with thoughtfulness and ingenuity with their owners to tell you all about the build process.
Water Pump, Hoses, Idler Tensioner Replacement. One big day in the driveway.

-I'm just a bold DIY'r driveway mechanic and a 5th generation Northern Californian inspired by this forum to throw a campout-
Taylorsville - Youmgs Market and bar in background

-Young's Market, Taylorsville, Ca (They cater out of a Sprinter)-

I reckon a hot topic this year may be the lithium battery evolution/revolution. (My current obsession after a few conversations at the Silicon Valley Motor Club meetup last March).

It is non-sponsored (as of this posting), non vendor centric; just rigs camping. If you have something to sell, such as Graphite Dave's custom 12volt water heater plans, or show off your build out skills for hire, like GeoVan Designs, that's fine. It's just not the focus of the NCSC. That said, we are all about the "Free Box" which is a place to send off your components that may have value to other camper/builders. (If nobody wants it, you gotta take it back home). I reckon people learn more talking gathering intel from end-users than sales reps. And it's always fun to see the evolution of returning rigs; such as Asimba, who came to the first campout before buying a Sprinter. Hanging beds, outdoor showers, led lighting, e-bikes and camping/glamping modifications, both cheap and practical (nuthin' fancy), to top-of-the line tech are typically present. Two things are certain at the NCSC, we like our toys, and we don't like sleeping on the ground (anymore) :).
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Goings on:
Most stuff happens on the weekend (Oct 8,9,10), but some arrive Thursday (Oct 7) along with us to set-up and settle in.
There will be music Saturday night, probably from my friend the Banjo-ogist, story-teller, NorCal historian and his fiddling wife who recently leaped into van-dom face-first. Sprinter Jeopardy returns, a potluck Friday and a pancake feed Sunday morning (if restrictions are lifted). Rather than plan a weekend of activities, it is mostly a hangout with free time to spend with owners, friends, families, and well behaved pets.
Live Music
Barn Genessee

It is a great area for biking, fishing, exploring and just spinning down the turbos. There are tennis/pickleball courts, horseshoe pits, a basketball hoop, a creek running through the campground, flush toilets and hot showers for a buck. There is no power or water hookups, but there is a dump-station. ATT cell service is decent, Verizon sorta works too. The camping fee is $20 per night per vehicle. There is no charge for the event itself. Yes folks, we do it for the love of Sprinter-dom.

There is no-pre-registration. Just show up if you desire. The CG is accessible 24/7; a plus for our long distance trekkers. It is always a joy to see out of state plates such as MsNomer from Oklahoma or Akostar from Alaska in 2019. And it's always a blast to see and meet forum members in their natural non-e environment. For those of you who hang on Transit, Promaster and adventure forums, feel free to share this thread.

Rightly so, 2020 was pretty small at a half dozen, but I would expect we are back to our usual 25+ rigs this season. With our new normal on the horizon, it seems high-time to put the word out early.

Drop in a comment if you plan to attend or have questions. It keeps the thread refreshed and helps me feel as though I'm not just talking to myself online :)
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-NCSC is like a box of chocolates-

Our camp-hosts reserve a large free-form section of the CG for circling the wagons as ya'll see fit; close or distanced, there's plenty of room under a well groomed forested canopy with sunny solar access on the fringes.

To do:
There is Young's Market in the town of Taylorsville 1 mile from the CG with great eats and some supplies and a restaurant up the road at the Genesee Store that is worthy of a meal stop.

Greenville is the nearest fuel about 10 miles away on the other side of Indian Valley, but I reckon most will fuel up and stock up at home prior to the journey. Quincy is the nearest 'big town'.

Some directions:
The NCSC is also about the journey through a particularly pretty and less trodden area of the great North State. Those coming from the Central Valley will take HWY70 through the stunning Feather River Canyon cut from granite in the '30's crisscrossing the Union Pacific line over Beckwourth Pass.

-Here is me recording the trains in Feather River Canyon recently-

Those coming from points north of Red Bluff can enter the mountains there on HWY36 or HWY299 at Redding to Burney Falls or from HWY 89 at Mount Shasta City by way of the Lassen Loop though the National Park.

Those coming from Reno/Tahoe area will take HWY70 from HWY395 at Halleluiah Junction or via HWY49 at Truckee though Sierraville and Grayeagle. There are many opportunities to make your mountain drive component a loop to and fro. There is good camping throughout the region for an extended adventure.

That's the gist of it. Additional information will be posted hear as it unfolds.

We hope to see you there. Dale and Karen
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