T1N: 1994-2006 251th Airstream Sprinter Westfalia with manual gearbox


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Many sellers of this special camper Airstream Westfalia say there are only 250 units brought into North America.
I propose you the 251th Westy model from Europe, where it’s badged as Sprinter James Cook.

This camper van turned 25 years old few weeks ago and it can be imported into the US under the 25 years rule (antique car imports). For you it means: low import tax, nothing to change for homologation and no emission control depending on the state.

I’ll back in Mexico in few weeks to continue a family road trip with my camper. I’ll ship this sprinter to Veracruz, Mexico and the plan is to move it in the north of Mexico. It will be available in June or July 2021. We could meet at one of the main city between Mexico and Texas to end the deal (ie: Brownsville/ Matamoros, McAllen/Reynosa, Laredo/ Nuevo Laredo). The deal should be done on the Mexican side as due to Covid border restriction, I can’t cross the border (but US nationals can). Payment details will be agreed (no cash transaction).

In details :
It’s a Mercedes Benz Sprinter T1N 312D Westfalia James Cook
312D stand for: 3 tonnes chassis and 122 hp diesel engine
It’s a 5 speed manual transmission with diesel engine 5cyl 2.9L (Mercedes OM602 engine also known as the 1 million miles engine like the 2.7L 156hp 316CDI version from 2002 in USA )
First registered in May 1996.
Odometer 215000 kms / 134000 miles
Spanish registration on my name
Price firm USD $55.000
It will have a 10 year Mexican TIP (temporary import permit) The TIP will be canceled just before crossing the border (as it will be on my name)

This classic camper is in great condition.
This 1996 James Cook has mainly the same equipment of the 2005 Airstream Westfalia with
- ABS / ‎AC from the engine
- ‎100L fresh water tank and ‎100l black water tank
- ‎power steering wheel
- 2 turn front seats fully ajustable
- genuine diesel ‎heating system
- ‎5 seats with belts
- ‎upper double bed with slatted frame
- 3 person bench seating folds to bed
- Removable Dining table
- kitchen with 2 flame propane stove and 1 sink (hot and cold running water)
- Compressor Fridge, 60l, 42W
- 10L hot water tank, propane powered
- Central control – heating, cooling, water level – fluid levels, battery capacity
- ‎bathroom with Thetford toiletbox, sink, shower with hot water. The first 2 years has a special bathroom in pink color.
- and many more genuine equipments

The main upgrade from the previous owner is the ‎2 Solar panels with 2 12V 110 AH Batteries


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