Sprinter battery drain/electrical short?


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Hi guys. I'm having some interesting issues with my 2006 T1N Sprinter. My warning lights such as the ESP, Traction control, and other lights are coming on and my battery is not charging. When I start the engine and test it with a volt meter it drops from 12.4 to 12.1 volts. It's intermittent because sometimes the lights will go on and off when they do the radio will go out of a second and come back on. The alternator looks pretty new. Got the battery tested and they said it was good. Today I was stuck in park and couldn't move with the engine running but the dash lights were all off and the the windshield wipers were very slow.


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You should see 14.0 volts when the engine is running. It could be that the “new” alternator is not compatible or you could have a bad ground somewhere. Another possibility is damage to the wiring somewhere.


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Grounds grounds grounds!!! Replace chassis to engine ground strap.

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If your alternator isn't working (and it *could* just be loose battery connections), then all bets are off in terms of "sane" trouble codes.


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