Fuel Pump Relay Wire


2008 MWB 144" High Top
This question has been asked a few times on the forum but yet to be answered.

Does anyone know if the Fuel Pump Relay wires are easily accessible in the cab? Looking at the Wiring Diagram I have traced it to the following;
  • 1258 18RD/WT - C2 Module
  • 1776 18RD/WT - C1 Module
  • 3820 12RD/DG - C104
They run directly from the Fuel Pump Relay inside the main fuse box to different C Modules on the engine. The wire side of the Relay is inaccessible without removing the majority of the dash which I would prefer not to do. I am aware some vehicles have a second R5 Relay under the drivers seat, I've checked, I don't have it.

2008 NCV3 MWB UK Spec



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Hi Walker1271. Have you had any luck with this question? I'm also trying to find the fuel pump relay to install a kill switch but have yet to find out exactly where this device is. Any help is appreciated. Cheers~


2008 MWB 144" High Top
@perrychancenyc Can't say I made much progress with this. I've decided to run the switch instead via the Starter Motor relay located under the drivers seat for now.

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