Weekender 4.0 4WD Crew Build


Pics on build progress my 4th low roof crew build with a pop top for myself. This one doing a lot more work than past ones but still keeping it simple (but not cheap) Pictures only. :) for inspiration. Build blog on cacampervan.com with a bit more detail of what I have been doing. About 70% through the build.
stock van2.jpg
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Nice water tank setup for the Joolca! Can you give me feedback on the Joolca vs Camplux 5L vs Mr. Heater Basecamp Boss XCW20? I would be using all 3 with a 5gal water jug vs pressurized water system so in the case of the Joolca and Camplux I would use there water pump setup.


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This is a perfect build for what I am attempting to do. Just picked up my Freightliner today (high roof). I has the Backwoods rear tire carrier and boxes, so probably will just make them work, but love the Owl Van set up and 1 up bike rack. Did you do all the water work yourself?


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Roughly how long does it take to pop up / down the "penthouse"? Our current "sleep 4 in a 144" setup takes to long to set up / break down camp and we're trying to decide if it can be fixed, or is just the nature of the beast (with 2 boys, ages 10 & 12, that last word is deliberately chosen).

Your build looks awesome.

Thanks, Tony


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all quick connect, hot or cold set ups. Likely to a how to and a kit soon as got this close to being pretty dialed. Waiting for the mount to come in.

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