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06 T1N Can

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My name is Bob (Rattfink) and I have been a Mercedes Benz mechanic at Motorwerks in Barrington, IL. for 18 years. Greg is another tech who has been with MB for 25 years and Brian is our "new guy" with 6 years experience. We are currently working at our new Sprinter franchise 1000 w golf rd Hoffman Estates, IL.

This forum is such an eye-opener, we have heard Dodge dealers explain higher than normal fees because a Sprinter is a "super advanced" machine, unlike anything they normally deal with. While the Sprinter is probably the most technically advanced commercial van in existance, we eat sleep and breathe Mercedes Benz. The engine and trans in the 2010 MB/ Freightliner Sprinter is nothing new to us, the electronics are sophisticated, yes, but we deal with this technology day in and day out, PROFESSIONALLY.

Charging a (singular) diagnostic fee is pretty standard, if anyone wants to "walk you up the ladder" with a fee for each complaint, they are doing you a disservice. If someone tells you they can't replace something under warranty, they should be able to SHOW you a report from the manufacturer, on paper, exactly why. Hearsay is not part of the warranty. It helps to know a diesel from a gas engine, too.

Mercedes Benz dealers can perform warranty work on any sprinter still covered under the manufacturers warranty with the exeption of Dodge extended warranties and Dodge recall campaigns. so if you are unhappy with dealer service, consider that MB is in fierce competition with Jaguar and Lexus for #1 customer satisfaction, our pay plans are predicated on this and we are trying to make a splash in the market.


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You lost this customer (3 tin and 2 ncv3) because you installed a dealer license plate frame on a t1n without my consent and ruined the nylon bushings which receive the license plate screws by replacing the oem screws with huge sheet metal screws. I wasted at least 2 hours rectifying the situation. Great way to piss of a customer on his first (and last!) visit.


W we should at least give them credit for being open and public vs. the often highly arrogant and Teutonic attitude of some of the dealers. There is something unique to some Germanic peoples who represent a product that is selling well. VW went thru that phase and they were often hated as a result.

You might want to consider giving them a second chance. You may be losing a potentially good resource due to reacting to one negative incident.

Best wishes to you.


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This tells you a little about them...

If you look at the poll results above, you'll see 2 excellent. If you drill down, you'll learn that one was posted by the dealership itself.


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More details on our experience with Hoffman Estates Mercedes Benz:

Took 2006 Sprinter in because of check engine light. Dealer diagnosed problem as relating to transmission shifter. Quoted us labor & parts cost to repair. We told dealer we get 20% discount on parts from our local dodge dealer and from the dodge dealer we usually go to for service (local dealer doesn't/didn't do sprinters). Asked mercedes dealer to match. Mercedes dealer resisted, but finally matched others on parts price.

When they told us the work was done, we had them fax a copy of the bill. They'd given us 20% discount, but on a price marked UP from list. You see, we verified list price with other dealers. They were caught. Made some lame excuse about the pricing error and fixed the bill.

When the van came back, we found that the pigfu**ers had removed the OEM license hardware, installed license plate frames for their dealership, and installed with GIGANTIC sheet metal screws. The sheet metal screws ruined the little inserts which they went into. Now, I have a sprinter with no inserts in the four license plate holes. Nice!

So I spent some time poring over the parts book. Could not find the parts. (they are small white nylon "mushrooms". the inside end of them is split into four pieces. inserting screw causes the four pieces to expand outward and grip the metal door that they are pushed through). Got our local dodge dealer involved. Parts came in today, but were wrong. Instead of being white and round, they were black and square, and too large to go in the little round holes in the back door. I wasted an hour driving to the local dealer and back.

At this point, I would really like to mutilate the bas**d who swapped out my license plate frames. But before I do that, I need to get the Sprinter back on the road. Can anyone point me to a resource that shows the license plate hardware on a 2006 sprinter and the part number of the plastic inserts which receive the screws which hold the license plate on?

And if you're ever in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, don't stop at the Hoffman Estates Mercedes unless you want to be jerked around and leave with improperly-installed license plate frames from the dealer.

These people have no respect for the time of others. They are scammers, pure and simple.

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