Loeber, Lincolnwood, IL (Dealership)


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New member
Ok so some of you have read my recent problems with my Sprinter after replacing the transmission. Well yesterday I went to Loeber Motors in Linconwood, IL for their Sprinter appreciation day. I got a free 21 point inspection and while there I told the mechanic what my problem was (van dying when RPMs reached below 700) and the mechanic, Frank, knew what it was. He showed me under the Sprinter and walked me through all the things to watch for while I drive my van. He even told me a few things that needed to be done but said that they are ok for now but I just need to keep an eye on them as they will need to be repaired in the future. I would've had some of them done but I've been off work for 2months with transmission problems and really couldn't afford to do things now and he said you will be ok for awhile while you recover from the current downtime.

What ended up being the problem was I had a crank sensor gone bad he was so confident that that was the problem that they replaced the sensor (no charge) and let me drive my Sprinter 170miles back home with a tentative appointment for today "just in case" it didn't work. Said that if it didn't work that they would remove the sensor put mine back in and I would only pay for the diagnostics. It didn't die once on the way home and I let that puppy idle when I got fuel and a few other times as well but it never once died! :rad: So now I will just have to send them the money for the sensor and labor.

I also talked to one of the Sprinter big shots that was in for the day and told him all the problems that I've had with local dealers and what I was told about a new tranny costing $15k he was shocked and said we don't have a transmission that costs that much money. He also offered to help me get my '03 to Chicago to get the recall work done on it as well as figuring out why it isn't running. Once I recover from the current repairs and downtime. I spoke with him and the mechanic for over 4hrs and they were very helpful. Best thing of all both of them talked to me not at me and down to me because I'm a female. I told the Sprinter big shot about the problem I had with a few mechanics and shop foremen that talk to me like I'm an idiot. I said I've owned 3 Sprinters and have around a million miles driving in them so I do know a thing or 2 about my Sprinters. He agreed and said he would have a talk with them about talking down to females. He even gave me his business card and told me that if I had any problems with any of the dealers to call him and he would help me out. Even told me that if I'm not in his district he would put me in touch with the right one in that area.
He also told me that IF I could I needed to avoid buying diesel in IL as they are putting a lot of bio-diesel in the diesel in IL said that IF I had to use it to try to keep in under 5% (or B5 is what he said the pump will say). He said that bio-diesel is very bad for engines and he told me of a story where a guy used nothing but bio-diesel in his pickup truck and I will say after hearing that I will do my best to avoid bio at ALL costs. I told him that when IL and I HAVE to buy it I try not to buy anymore than what I have to get out of IL.

I'm also happy to say that Jim Riley is back with the Sprinter group at this dealer :thumbup: as well he is very knowledgeable and if he can't help you he will get one of his mechanics for you to talk to directly. They also now have 6 Sprinter techs available and even one that works the night shift and if memory serves me right that means they will have a Sprinter mechanic in there until 9pm EST. I was also told that they will send their sprinter mechanics to all the classes that they offer to them to keep them on top of all the latest information on Sprinters.

I also got a list of all current MB and FTL dealers that now work on Sprinters, it's a very basic list name of dealers, whether they are MB or FTL and what city and state they are in. Which will make it very helpful when I need repairs while out on the road. :thumbup:


New member
I've had the following problems with this dealer:

- Took them a sprinter which was beeping because it thought it needed scheduled maintenance. We had timely serviced it already. They initially refused, claiming that all service (and by service I mean routine maintenance like oil changes) must be performed by them. After an unpleasant exchange, they agreed to reset the alarm. We subsequently obtained reset instructions from another Sprinter-Forum user.

- Took them a sprinter with an SRS alarm at under 1000 miles. They refused to reset it under warranty and charged driver $146 for about 5 min of tech time and a 5 minute test drive. We did not authorize any paid work.

- During same visit as $146 charge for warranty work, they had some knucklehead wash the sprinter with a brush on a stick. The brush on a stick caused severe scratching. Sprinter had to be polished at a cost of $423 to reverse damage done by Loeber.

I suggest that others AVOID Loeber Motors.


New member
Update 1/10/13: We sued Loeber in small claims court regarding the scratching. Court found Loeber not liable. We believe the ruling to be in error and are appealing the ruling. It continues to be our position that Loeber scratched our sprinter with their stiff-bristled brush on a stick.

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