Clippit is back (the Microsoft paper clip)


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I have a SV30, 170, 4x4. I drive it in the snow a lot.

While I love the automatic windshield wiper features and the auto dimming high beams, I can't stand the goofy lane assist. I'll be dammed if I am going to turn it off every time I get in the van. When I drive the van, all I can think about is that goofy Microsoft paperclip that used to pop up and be so bloody annoying. It is absolutely ruining my enjoyment of driving this van.

I agree, as some have said, it seems foolish the cruise control can't revert to 1990's cruise control when the sensors are covered in ice or snow? When I drive home on a Sunday evening, that bloody beeper goes off well over 40 times for a number of reasons. Distance Following sensor. Cruise Control won't work. Snow on the road, can't find the lines; No snow on the roads, suddenly found the lines. It beeps at phantom vehicles passing on the left and the right.

Is there a way to permanently disconnect the noisemaker without having to jeopardize other automation or perform major surgery on the dash, or void the warrantee? The dash can light up all it wants, I can just ignore that. Perhaps a little glue drizzled over the beeper? Any suggestions?


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I hate the drunk driving assist as well.
If you select the settings icon (the van one) at least they have put the lane assist on/off in the first quick menu.


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If you dig in this forum, i remember reading that an owner threatened a dealer with a legal action due to the insanity of that Lane Keep/Assist function in the snow. The post said they disabled it but i don’t have first hand info. I live in snow/ice country for 4-5 months a year and i can confirm that if you don’t turn it off in snow and ice it’s down right dangerous.

I did what @smittylube did and moved the Setting icon to the front and center of my MBUX screen and now it’s the first thing i do after i start up the truck and before i drive.

Let me know what you find out, I’d love to find a way around this as my approach is not seamless.

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