Hoekstra, Troy, MI (Freightliner)


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Hoekstra is by far the best Sprinter shop I've used. In fact one of the nicest dealer/repair facility I've been to. Very friendly and extremely helpful. The best inventory I've come across, they know all the part #'s by heart. I've even had spot on over the phone diagnosis, just to walk out the next day after service with a bill half the price of 2 other local dealers, because they scanned codes and tested thoroughly. Then explained to me so I understood the process. So far last 2 years has been perfect results, suggestions and their prices are great. Parts pricing is right on with Europarts. If you want to know what spare parts to keep on your truck to prepare for a long trip or just in case, just look at what they have high inventory of. Daryl (tech) has done my last few services and its always quicker than promised and he's been very out going with taking care of anything I ask. Ron Hayes and Eric Coulter always return calls and do follow ups to make sure I'm still good. Nobody walks by without making sure your taking care of... period. When MB and Dodge split, I didn't know what I was gonna do for the next trucks and service. I will be purchasing my next vans from Hoekstra and I need not worry about any service no longer. Very competent , old school, done right the first time good people there.

PS: there weren't any service bulletins that I brought or mentioned that they were not already aware of and very familiar with. ALL SPRINTER years and makes including campers, I see plenty of them there too. MB OEM parts.
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Probably the BEST service experience I've ever had with any vehicle. Every employee was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and seemed genuinely happy to be working for Hoekstra. Prices are reasonable and there is no attempt to up sale. A welcome change from my experience with MB dealerships.


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I've been to this shop several times and never had a bad experience. I especially like the price sheets that they print up with the regular maintenance services explicitly spelled out. My first visit here, when the van was still pretty new, the mechanic took me back to the shop and walked me through step-by-step to show me what work he had done, gave me advice on things like tires, and explained certain features that the salesman never bothered to show me. It was really helpful. More recently I was in for some service and they've expanded to take over the office space next door ,the waiting room was a little nicer but the service was a little slower and I didn't have quite as much confidence in the new guy at the counter. The service wasn't quite as personal as it used to be, which may be a consequence of the expansion but I hope not.

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