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Hello, I have a 2015 4 cyclinder Diesel Mercedes Sprinter and am looking for some advice on where to take it to have basic service in the East Bay area. I live in Alameda and would like to take it to a shop that does excellent work and is honest and reliable. I'm hoping to find a place that really specializes in Sprinter diesels though. Thank you, Nick


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
I moved out of this area 4 years ago and my first reply would be "good luck in finding 1"
When I DIY everything, my friends have been checking area MB shops for reliable mechanics. That was mostly for sedans, so Sprinters might, or might not be different story.
Years ago Oakland had reputable MB shop, who's original owners was German immigrant. He probably died by now, so don't know if it still exist.
Than it was "All Mercedes" in Oakland.
My friend found single mechanic MB shop in Benicia, but with mixed experience.
The sad truth is that if you want reliable and affordable MB, you need to DIY.
CA shop charges will eat your bank account on service alone.

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