EuroMotorcars, Devon, PA (Dealership)


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The phone number is wrong. That's for the Lancaster County, Amish country, dealer.
The correct phone is 610-687-1500.

I was their first real Sprinter customer. I needed a state inspection in early January (and was sweating going back to a Dodge dealer who took 3 weeks to get parts last spring). Devon was getting the special Sprinter lift the next day. Mine is obviously a personal "station wagon" decorated in vintage spongebob, from a multiple Mercedes household.

I don't know how they are with commercial customers.

Now all my Mercedes get serviced at the same dealer, which is conveniently located at a train station, on the Philadelphia Main Line.

The dealership bought 2004 Dodge Sprinter new which they rebadged by wiring a large Mercedes star to the grill. I even gave them the part number for the real grill, back in 2005 or 2006. In October 2009 they claimed they didn't know anything about the Dodge to Mercedes switch. In January 2010 they said they asked to be a Sprinter dealer (probably much earlier than October). The sales guy is from Freightliner.

I believe they own the Wilmington dealership, and one in Maryland.

They said they'd wash it the next time -- a Mercedes custom.

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