Rallye Motors, Roslyn, NY (Dealership)


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I thought I give them a shot, they are 17 miles from me, since my local sprinter dealship TOTALLY SUCKS. (Massapequa, Amityville) https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showthread.php?p=135530 Rallye Motors, looked to be a well run dealership, receptionist and service adviser were great:thumbup:.......... but.............., I only needed a state inspection.....................they said 1 & 1/2 weeks wait :bash::crazy::thumbdown:
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This is the location I bought my 2013 Crew Van. I have to give the salesman, David Marsh, I good review. It helps that I knew exactly what I wanted when I went in and he had the truck sitting there. The best part was I went in for 30 minutes on a Tuesday and signed the papers and came back for 30 minutes on a Saturday and picked up the truck.
The problem! David marsh told me the service department here at Rallye is open all hours making it very easy for me to get service done. When I called for the 10k service I found out that they are open but the Sprinter technicians are only there Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:00. Since I use my Sprinter for work, that means I have to take a day off work to get my service done. And you better call way before your service is due because the girl who schedules the appointment, who is not a mechanic and has no idea what service consists of, quoted me a two week wait to get an appointment. I can't really comment on the service itself because I went somewhere else.


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Just had my 2012 2500 serviced there. It was for the 10,000 miles service.

WORST dealership service ever! Never got any updates while they had the van. And when I called to inquiry, I was hung up on 5 times. On the 6th call, they didn't pickup the phone.

Had to call using another caller id, for them to answer the phone.

Service was ok. I has asked them to wash and wax the van, and that was done very well.

The worst part, they don't take American Express. :)

I bought the van from David Marsh. Great sales guy. No bull when dealing with him. Would buy another sprinter from him in a heartbeat.

Going to take my van to Rockville Centre now. They just started to service sprinters.
I just bought my 1st Sprinter Crew Van from David Marsh at Rallye Motors. We agreed upon a price, shook hands and that was it. David called me a week later to ask if I was happy with my Van and if I had any questions. It was a very good experience and would recommend him to all.


I brought my 2013 2500 Cargo in for the 10,000 mile service in early October. I had to wait about a week because I requested a loaner, though they do not loan Sprinters. My SA told me up front that the cost was typically about $450.00! We all know that you have to make a profit in business, but $450 for a basic check with an oil change is a little stiff.
I don't know for sure how long the basic service, including the oil change, took because I had insufficient air conditioning and "clinking" noise when backing up from a stop and at times when accelerating. They found and repaired an AC leak on an O-ring at the expansion valve, but "could not duplicate the customers concern at this time" regarding the "clinking" noise. They also performed "EngineSoftware Campaign 2013090003" which updates the engine control module software.
The oil and filter cost $119.87, they treated the diesel with some additive/cleaner for $14.93 and added 8 quarts of A-Blue for $31.20.
I do feel that charging $3.89 for windshield fluid, $3.40 for windshield fluid additive, $1.50 for a new windshield fluid container cap O-ring is chickensh#t.
I was treated courteously and they did respond to all my concerns.
This is my first diesel after 26 years of Ford E-350's, but I will now continue to do my own service and repairs when possible.
BTW, Dave Marsh, my salesman, was a pleasure to work with, no BS and, I feel, a fair price.

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