NorCal Weekend “Vans and Coffee” Meetup?

Just seeing this thread now and would love to join. Sadly I won’t get my van back from El Kapitan until mid/late April. I’ll also just mention there’s a few of us on this forum planning to meet up at the old Navy Base (NAS Alameda) De on Sunday June 6 and everyone is welcome! Cheers!

My wife and I will be driving down from Alameda on Saturday morning. But unfortunately not in our Sprinter... Will be driving a 750i but looking for the vans!!
I forgot to take photos of the vans (doh.). And sadly we were only able to be there for about 30 minutes. But you can see some of them in the back of one of these photos! Awesome meet up and nice to meet a couple of you! I don’t know whose names are attached to handles. Hope to see everyone and meet the rest of you in Alameda on June 6!



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Thanks for putting this together. I may pop in reckoning traffic to Mid-Peninsula is not as bad as it's been in recent years. (I'm on the fence whether or not to host another campout in Taylorsville this October.)
if Canada opens the border to non essential travel I'll be heading to the Playa for BM but don't know if I'll be hanging in NorCal till Oct... a wee bit earlier would be fantastic but I know how difficult it is to try to organize any event let alone one that is a ways from the normal population areas...


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I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to some of you today. If the owners of the vans that had the roll up screens at the slider door could post links I would really appreciate it.


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Thanks Drodio for putting the vans into the mix with the Silicon Valley Motor Club. A fun time all around. The Sprinters certainly attracted interest and vice-versa. It's not often I park across from five PanterasPanterasX5.jpg
...the other side of the block...Sprinters.jpg T1 only one car away from the doughnut booth...(no pie),,,
...very inspiring LiFePo setups...gathered much intel from VanGoSki's setup (shown here) and Vanski's monster pack. Maybe my life is too complicated for BattleBorn...we'll see.
Loved the Trail Kitchen cabinets. First class and 2 water heaters was cool...
...most the vans getting high on Fox and suspension upgrades...the T1 stock with Konis...
San Francisco Bay Bridge Saturday morning...(must be a dream!)View attachment 174625View attachment 174626
Bobby Vinton Blue...
Thanks again.
Definitely into the June 6 Alameda rendezvous.
And I'll be moving forward on plans for the NorCal Sprinter Campout in Taylorsville, CA October 7-10, 2021. (Announcement info thread in April)
My wife and I would love to join the campout in October! And I hope to meet a bunch of you folks in Alameda on June 6!
I’m also trying to spread the word to anyone interested in vans, even beyond sprinters. I think the potential is there for a solid meetup. So much fun.

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