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Mercedes-Benz of Westminster is proud to announce we are now an authorized Sprinter van retailer and sprinter service center. Available in many different models and setups, Sprinters feature 13 and half feet of cargo space, and can carry up to 5,375 pounds of cargo. This award winning light commercial truck/van offers more choices, more efficiency and flexibility. Mercedes-Benz of Westminster offers three factory trained technicians that deliver award winning service. Mercedes-Benz of Westminster factory trained technicians use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and advanced diagnostic tools to keep your vehicle running at peak performance mile-after-mile. We have a state-of-the-art service center that enables us to provide an unrivaled commitment to service that will be evident from the moment you enter. When it comes to your business, Mercedes-Benz of Westminster delivers the performance your business demands. Terry Mason is the sprinter Service Advisor at MB Westminster(tmason@mbwestminster.com, (303) 410-7818), and has brought an experienced Sprinter tech from another dealership to work with him at MB Westminster.

If any questions we are the quys to ask.


I'm posting here too, so this info is in the regional thread - currently (late Feb 2010) Terry Mason is a Service Advisor at MB Westminster(tmason@mbwestminster.com, (303) 410-7818), and says that he brought an experienced Sprinter tech from another dealership to work for him at MB Westminster.

MB Westminster now has at least one hoist in that can handle Sprinters, and they now have parts books for the Sprinter as well, as of two weeks ago.

Be happy to hear word on any other Sprinter-related interactions anybody has with them.




Had a "Check engine" light come on just east of Cheyenne, WY. Called the local Cheyenne Dodge dealer (Cowboy Dodge:thumbdown:) looking for some warranty help. They said they no longer work on Sprinters regardless of the Dodge Warranty.
So after checking this Thread I called Terry at Westminster MB. He diagnosed the ESP problem over the phone. I had to drive to Westminster to "Reset" the P0222 code but they had me in and out within 90 minutes (excellent time since it was just around lunch time).
No charge, excellent service and super knowledgable.
I know where I'll be going in Colorado for any other Sprinter service. Come to think of it I'll be looking forward to seeing the new 4x4's when they show up at the Dealership !!
Thanks, Terry


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MB dealer experience...

Had my 60,000 mile service done yesterday at MB Westminster (Colorado). Interesting time.
Made an appointment, drove the 278 Miles to dealer. No appointment listed for you...:frown:
They made an excellent response! Did the required "B" service and changed the transmission fluid and filter. As part of the process I was shown the old trans fluid, really dark and dirty, and talked to the tech. While talking with him he pointed out the dirty look of the brake fluid. I asked why it looked like that when the fluid change was done only 10,000 miles ago. He said he did not know but would look into it. He also found a minor leak from the power steering hose, told me it had been redesigned, and asked if I wanted it fixed. Since it would take an additional 1.5 hours I declined until my next service, I wanted get home.
Back to the waiting room for me.
When I went to pay the bill, the service advisor gave me a list of the codes stored, I had one, an SRS that Richard traced to the driver seat belt latch. No part available, next time also. He noted that there were no metal particles in the pan.
Richard also did the brake fluid change on my van, No Charge. My guess is that the brake service was not done the first time. I do not know the workings of the dealership, but I suspect the brake fluid change N/C was to cover the not done, and stop the possible "I got screwed by the stealer" feelings. It worked. I hope Richard gets paid for doing the brake work, he has worked on my van before and has always performed excellent work.
Very Good Tech. And I found out you can request the specific tech you want to work on your vehicle...Oh Yeah!
All together a bad start, good ending. Richard at MB Westminster and the service writer, Ashley Otto, a very good combination. I would highly recommend this dealer.:thumbup:


Re: MB dealer experience...

I had just posted that the trans service should be every other B service, which is 40,000 miles. Do u mind sharing what you were charged.


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Re: MB dealer experience...

I had just posted that the trans service should be every other B service, which is 40,000 miles. Do u mind sharing what you were charged.
No problem...the total for the job, parts and labor was $ 223.33. And on the subject, 4 quarts of ATF were used.


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That sounds pretty good on your tranny service. I was quoted $500 by my local dealer in WA. Maybe I should make a run down to CO.


Late night service in Colorado

Mercedes Benz Westminster CO
Now offers full late night service 4.30pm - 12.30am
Loaner Vehicles available with appointment
Now no work time down / lost , have your Sprinter serviced for early morning pickup
collection & delivery available. 720 627 6412 mbwestminster.com
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After no luck with 3 other dealerships, I came here. Paul was a wonderful help. he diagnosed a nagging issue and rectified some others I was even unaware of. Oild change was less than everywhere else in the country. new Service Manager, new Sprinter Service rep and 3 trained technicians who have been working on sprinters for a while. They also will be opening a new Sprinter building in May 2016. This has not only been my best Mercedes Experience, it has by far been the best Sprinter Experience. If you are trouble shooting and looking for the place to go, this would be my recommendation.


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Took my van into MB Westminster this summer for a low power issue. They advised that the DPF wasn't properly regenerating and quoted me ~$6800 to replace the downpipe with the catalyst in it (due to a splitting flex pipe in this piece) and clean the EGR cooler. No thanks :thumbdown:!

Limped my van back to WI and took care of this work myself (welded a new $30 flex pipe on instead of replacing the whole assembly), and that wasn't even the core problem. It ended up being an electronics issue with a backpressure sensor that wasn't reading properly. Admittedly, this was somewhat hard to diagnose, but I was far from impressed with their diagnostic abilities and pricing. Will be avoiding them in the future.


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On arriving I was asked no less than 4 times by the reception attendants and Robert Ward (service adviser) if I had an appointment. I assume since I received a confirmation email, notification emails and appointment reminder texts, yes, I had an appointment.

Robert was clearly annoyed and really didn't want to take any more time than necessary to get me out of there. I had multiple things I needed to address, but when I got to the second issue I was told that service really doesn't do much on Saturday so ... no I couldn't add anything else to the list.

One of the issues, arguably the most important as I couldn't use Android Auto, was addressed, thankfully.

On pick up I wanted to ask Robert about adding the SXM antenna and reflashing the MBUX to add the feature. He acted as if I asked him why the sky was blue. He literally said "We don't know why they don't add all the features". What does that even mean? As someone who is allegedly a "Sprinter expert" that sounds patently ridiculous. Again it was all about getting me out of there as quickly as possible. It worked. I won't be back. Let's hope the dealership in Littleton is better.


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I am not going to bad mouth other repair facilities ,its simply not professional.
I would however suggest you call MB Littleton for a refreshingly different approach, asking for Rory the Service Writer.

We work closely with this dealership, and sometimes even bounce repair ideas off each other, and as such I/We do a considerable amount of parts business with them.
Always remember a dealership is only as good as the folk that work with it.
(Posted from a zone rep for several factories in an earlier life.)


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Just got a call from them telling me that they lost 75% of their Sprinter techs and that the appointment I had tomorrow which I scheduled almost 3 months ago would have to be put off until January.


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At the moment this situation is prevalent across the country.
Techs are leaving the industry for many reasons, including meagre compensation & difficulties with ever complex vehicles systems.
As a result dealers and Independents alike are scrambling to find Techs.
The last time I faced this issue , I recruited from Mexico, LatAm.
Those with legal immigrant status who were well trained, and eager to find a position.,
But things have changed since then with immigration Gov policies and employment taxes for non resident recruitment with A, B, or C visas, .

I suppose there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, possibly.
This we have seen with school leavers interested to enter the business at entry/novice level.
,Not able to afford tech tuitions we have had to embrace on the job training policies & some third party instruction by us, the management at our cost center expense.
With it has to come salary & benefits not normally associated with the trade, but its getting attention where its needed.

Inevitably this will push up labor rates in the long term with a raising of the bar to trade entry which has been at rock bottom for too long when compared to other skilled blue collar trades.
We shall see, and at the moment we have reduced our lead time from 6 weeks to about 4 weeks for appointments .


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Thanks for the perspective. My biggest issue was the communication or lack of. I don’t mind paying for good service being in the service industry myself. A week or two delay I would not have cared.


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If that wasn't enough MB Littleton lost two techs last week.
The modification campaign is taking its toll on people fixing MB platforms at franchise dealerships.
Thought I would post up my limited experience here since it seems to be an old thread.
Purchased a new 2022 2500 144 high roof in April and overall it was smooth and fast including the financing and trading in my old Frontier.
No in-person experience on the service side yet, though I did deal with them on the phone trying to understand the whole DPF regen process, which resulted in an appt in a few weeks, that I am not I should keep, as the regen is working as expected since it was all my lack of understanding and there are no other issues with the van after ~2500 miles.
I've used them in the past for routine maintenance, oil changes, etc. But now when I call, I'm told it will be 4-5 months to make an appointment. I'm now using an independent shop in Denver.
I've used them in the past for routine maintenance, oil changes, etc. But now when I call, I'm told it will be 4-5 months to make an appointment. I'm now using an independent shop in Denver.
Might end up doing that once my service plan expires.

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