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Hi all. I have a 2019 Sprinter. The vehicle has just been placed into service as it is an RV conversion. On my last fuel refill the fuel gauge did not return to full, rather it read the fuel level before the refill — three bars. I am wondering if this is a known issue/recall or whether I have a problem.

A little history: On my maiden voyage with the van, I unfortunately ran the vehicle to empty (with 38 miles showing on range). When I refilled the tank, I had the same problem noted above, plus the check engine light came on. Vehicle went to the dealer they found nothing, said CEL went out on its own and the mechanic concluded that the fuel tank sensor was stuck and he unstuck it by bagging on the tank.

So here I am two weeks later with the same issue, but this time I only ran to about 1/4 tank/three bars on the gauge. Obviously I’ll take her into the dealer but wondering if anyone has some insight.


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I have been very satisfied with the gauge feedback. I typically fill at 2 bars. Usually I fill it and gauge shows full. If I am coming to the end of a trip and need a partial tank to get home (locally I fill with < 5 bio) gauge increases to where it should; range also increases as predicted. Depending on driving conditions, 2 bars shows 88 to 105 miles range.

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I have a gas motor, but with ignition on after a couple start button pushes, I can watch the bars go up as the tank fills.

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