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Hi, new to this. I am wondering if I can install a 3 person bench anywhere I want in a sprinter van (understanding it may require custom installation of brackets)? I want to keep the space wide enough open to accommodate my wife who's in a wheelchair and have the room to transfer into a swivel front passenger seat, but keep enough space in the back for storing everything we need. I am looking at buying a 4x4 170 wheelbase (high roof). I need a solid 80 inches of room in the back to store all our of our equipment. Thoughts? Thanks in advance - Yoeri


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The easiest way to do this would be to buy a passenger van, which will come with 3 rows of bench seats installed (3-person, 3-person, and a 4-person in back). Simply remove the front 3P and the back 4P and you're there. The crew van will come with one 3P bench in the first row, so you'll have all the brackets, but I don't think it will have the holes drilled and nuts welded to attach them in the 2nd-row position. Additionally, I think the mounting holes align with the tubular frame members, and the welded nuts are inside those tubes. Other forum members have come up with some creative solutions for mounting around the frame, but you might also be able to mount them slightly to one side of the frame members.


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See also Travois and SmartFloor.

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