Rear Door Lock Help


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I have a 2016 Mercedes Tall 170WB. The rear door cylinder is spinning with the key in it. It will not lock or unlock with the key. It does work with the buttons, but as you all know the key fob never works standing at the back door lol. I opened the door panel and inside I found a spring but no other debris. Attached is the photo of the cylinder from the hole. Am I missing parts ? Did something fail? Or do I just need to put the spring back on. Any help is greatly appreciated!



Mine was doing the same thing. I bought the replacement unit from Mercedes dealership and put it in myself. Was easy to put in. Old unit was shot, as yours probably is, and not repairable. I also had to do the same thing on driver side door as someone had jammed a screwdriver in it and ruined it. I was able to order them so that my existing key still worked.

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