Pictures of your Sprinter


170 ext 3500 4x4
Money is such a good thing.. :p
Loving the exterior color. The slide-out side door. The interior. The general theme of the whole setup.
Totally love it! :D

Is this running on grocery bag suspension (a.k.a air) or is that a lift kit..?
Thanks, it's been lifted 6". Running Ford F450 springs and Fox, flipping in Agile Off-Road Spring Pack with my same fox in the rear. Selectable locker in the front, but my favorite part is that the low range is 2x lower than the Mercedes 4x4. Locked in the front and locked transfer, I can turn off traction control and it is much more capable. The tune brings the torque on much earlier, so with the lower low range, it is easier to go slow - if that makes any sense. The big brake kit is nice too.

Either way, I have no illusions, it's big, heavy, and long with lots of stuff I don't want to beat to death, so it just gets me to fly fishing spots and easier to boondock with more confidence than 4x2.
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So last year my wife had knee surgery (during her recovery I was able to finish the build), and to keep her motivated I signed up us both for the Half marathon in Death Valley (obviously in February)
On the way home, we camped under Mt. Whitney - so the trip was from the lowest point to be in the shadows of the highest point in 48-USA.
Fun thing was we were able to watch the sunset from Dante's Point in Death Valley. Cozy in the van, cooking noodles and eating popcorn.
There was a fellow Sprinterneer sharing the view.

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