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Hello to all you sprinter heads. Just introducing myself, This is our new A-team Conversion van, er... hop/flower hauler with some seats. Looking forward to our logo on the side along with building out racks for the back which we can use for transporting our fresh hops to brewers and our flower bouquets to customers. The goal is to create a system that we can quickly convert to a stealthy camping rig for our small family. Bad pic... but hopefully they get more interesting and detailed as the build out progresses. Lots of great info here, thanks for sharing!

3500XD 4x4 144" low roof crew.




Mike from Florida Van Man
I told myself no more shorties, but then THIS 2004 118" pops up at a price I can't say no to. I drove it home for a song with working power steering, AC, a new radiator, recent shocks & strut work, etc. It's not perfect. I'm gonna have to transplant a door from a parts van, try to find a matching touch up paint until I can get it to a body shop, etc. I think it will serve me well. It won't become a camper, but rather more of a daily driver. Videos coming soon.....


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