Pictures of your Sprinter


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Love the van, trying to put a front guard and hitch mount on you have any pics of the side angle and up close? Does the receiver stick out far enough beyond the brush guard so you don't need an extension? Thank you


When does the cf version come up for sale on your site?

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I’m honestly not sure. We would have to do a special run of them and they would be far from cheap since that’s real carbon fiber.

I’d have to go to a bit thicker material too. That one in the picture has a bit of spring to it.

I’ve got an even thinner prototype that has even more spring. 😂 Might be willing to give up the other prototype.
Moved across the country last week with a trailer stuffed to the brim. There were a couple times during stop and go traffic at the hottest time in the day where we experienced heightened engine temperatures, but it did great overall. Pulled over mountain passes and along the winding route 1 without a fuss. Fuel economy was 15-17 city/hwy mix. We usually get 18-22 during the same type of driving without a trailer so I was very pleased. We mostly slept at truck stops but were lucky enough to find a couple more scenic spots to park along the way.

1st: Loaded up, ready to leave
2nd: Sunrise on route 10 somewhere
3rd: Sunset in a scenic space outside of Joshua Tree


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