Pictures of your Sprinter


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Is this an organized group thing? I spend half the year in San Diego and would love to connect with your group for events like this. Just picking up my van later this month but should have it road worthy by March.

This was actually at Gooseberry mesa in Utah. But we are all from San Diego except one van owner who left San Diego for Utah. Just friends riding bikes. [emoji2]

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One of my better pictures of my Sprinter. Trust me, it's in this pic. :smilewink:. Near Kokopelli trail, Loma, CO.

Here is the latest photo of our now 5 year old van and we have spent more than 365 days in the van (with jobs)!

She sports new "Fifty Classic Adventures" graphics. You see, I'm writing an "adventures" book and the graphics help me premarket it as we travel around to finish the book.

In fact you can visit and if you do please sign up if you are interested - it helps me with publishers.

More photos of the van here: Bivy Sack
Added some lighting! 4-led lights hanging off the steps in the front bumper, and small "eagle eye" leds in the side of the bumper to light the edge of the road/trail. The light bar on top is 42" wide and I mounted it to the ladder rack with some 6" aluminium C-channel as a spacer. I call it my UFO light. One negative about it; it produces a insane amount of RF noise. Something like 22db desense in VHF and 16db in UHF. I dont like it, but I dont use it all that often, so, I just am aware that when its on, my radios are essentially deaf, and factor that into my usage of it.


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