Pictures of your Sprinter


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Nice, ne


08 2500 170 Ext Crew
Moto Van:



2012 NAFTA 2500 Cargo 144
Sleekest front bumpers I've ever seen on a Sprinter. Wonder if they are available "over here".
Kunama, You should have revved it up to 1,100 RPMs to take the photo. Maybe when it hits 222,222 miles you can try again.


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It is still summer in Florida 80*F air was in November 12.
My Sprinter before I went diving



Would you say your happy with your tire selection? Or is it to early to tell? You should do a write up on your Wangler's, as I think there are only a few of us running them. Derek


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Here are pictures of the 2006 Pleasure Way TS3 I just acquired a few weeks ago. It had 94,000 miles on it when I purchased it and we have already taken down to South Florida and up to North Carolina. We averaged almost 22 MPG when keeping it under 70 MPH. We have only dry camped in it so far and have only dumped the tanks once. So far everything is working very well. We use the 3-way fridge and microwave the most. We have not even had to turn the air condintioning on, yet, although, it definitely works! It's got a custom sound system with subwoofers which makes driving it all the more fun. I did purchase a more modern head unit that has a 7" flip-up screen, is blue-tooth compatible, and will support the backup camera. Other modifications include Hella driving lights mounted on the brush guard that come on with the high beams, air horns, and some misc., handy interior upgrades.



photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG


2015 RT CS. One of the things I like about this is the clean lines and absence of graphics (other than faux windows above windshield). This is the "busy" side of the RV, noting the Alde vent and exterior shower door...otherwise clean clean like the passenger side.


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