No Hot Water

On our first extended trip and still learning this rig. We have no hot water. We were on 30amp shore power this morning (but shouldn't need to be). 2000w inverter was on (but shouldn't need to be). External water heater compartment seems fine, relief valve is closed, power switched to ON. Inside, under the sink, all valves appear to be in the correct configuration for standard (non-winterized) use. TrumaGo switch in control center is set to Comfort, but has not yellow indicator light, as listed in the manual. 7.5amp DC fuse is fine and functioning.

What am I missing? Obviously that indicator light not being on is a clue, but I don't know to what.

We have zero hot water; no indication of warming.


2016 Unity MB
so basic question: Truma runs on propane is it on? )-: What is the level of Propane on the SeeLevel monitor?


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Assuming you've got propane and it is switched on (do stovetop burners light?), you might try resetting the Truma control. You can switch outside switch off and then back on after a few seconds. Might need to do that a couple of times. If that doesn't work, try switching off your main 12V power switch for a minute, or so, and see if Truma will switch on once 12V power is restored.
We have propane in the tank, and it is on, and stove burners are working fine. I’ll give the external switch a few flips and see if that activates it.


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Do you see the LED lit in the outside compartment?
Thanks to everyone! We got it working, but have no idea how we fixed it or what was wrong. We followed HoloHolo's advice and flipped the external power switch on and off a few times, with a pause in between. After a few back and forths, I checked it again, and boom, orange light came on and the WH fired up! Hopefully it doesn't stop working again, since our only remedy is the above.

mikeme, for what it's worth, yes, the green LED in the external compartment was on.


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It seems that occasionally I find the inside light blinking, turning the On-off switch on the unit to off and then back on has ‘fixed’ the problem each time. Most likely that just resets the electronics which allows it to start working correctly again.


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I’ve had the exact same thing, DiverBob. Not often, maybe 2-3 times in the first year of use. Cycling the outside switch has always cleared the problem.


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Glad you got it working. I think I found that advice online when our acted up after "someone" turned it to clean mode by accident.

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