Wanted: 2004-2006 Sprinter Van (Dodge/Mercedes/Freightliner) - $15,000


in search of a sub $14k 2004-2006 140" SHC
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Hello sprinter folk!

A shot in the dark here... but here goes! I'm looking to purchase a 2004-2006 T1N Sprinter cargo van. I'm located in Portland, Oregon but willing to travel a bit if things look promising. If you have a van you'd like to sell, or know of someone with one, feel free to message me and let's chat. *Depending on the van's age/condition*, I'd like to spend between $7,000 and $15,000. I won't say yes to any van... am admittedly a bit picky, but details as follows:

Must haves:
- 140" wheelbase (118" is mayyyybe possible too.. but unicorn...)
- super high roof

Good things (awesome - these will increase my offer):
- zero rear windows
- hand crank windows in the front
- cruise control
- bare interior walls
- service records
- functional AC

Not-so-good things (not the end of the world, but these may decrease my offer):
- minor rust
- minor mechanical issues
- middle partition
- blue or black colored paint
- more than 180k miles
- dents/bad paint/etc
- major decals/paint job
- 3500/dually wheels

Deal breakers (I'll likely pass on a van because of the following):
- out of control rust
- crazy injector buildup
- major mechanical issues
- large dents/body damage
- more than 325k miles
- 158" wheelbase
- low roof

I'm looking for a no frills van to keep for a long time. I'll make my best attempt to avoid wasting either of our time too.

Thanks for looking.


in search of a sub $14k 2004-2006 140" SHC
Side note (wasn't sure where the best place to put this was... so I'll hijack my own thread): THIS 2005 is for sale up near Seattle right now if anyone else more local has a curious soul. The seller is very unhelpful (I was ready to make the trip north if I could at least base my trip on a few more photos... but was denied that small luxury)... therefore it's not worth the drive time for me... but if someone else local wants to gamble and look at it, I suppose there's the slightest chance a person could get a reasonably priced van in this day and age. It could also be garbage.

In case the FB ad disappears (and for future reference only):
- 184k miles
- "clean title"
- "runs perfectly fine"
- yes, it's a mis-posting and it's a diesel
- owner has had it for construction for last 4 years.
- zero maintenance records
- no comments when asked about rust
- a few screen grab photos below


(edit: added note about diesel vs gas mis-posting.. and clarification)



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I do have 2011 passanger with 290,000ml kilmat and 3m insulation all over ,no def and over $3,000 confirm repair 3 months ago ,before 8,000 ml road trip.


in search of a sub $14k 2004-2006 140" SHC

Out of my price range... but maybe for another person! A purdy specimen (minus the price) with only 78k on the clock.



2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
It is "asking $29k" and the guy is evidently a dreamer.
Give him 2 weeks to cool off and offer him 1/2 of asking. I think it would be still too much, but that would be starting point.


in search of a sub $14k 2004-2006 140" SHC
Ya know I’d really like to whole heartedly agree with you... but I watched one with almost 3x the mileage and some extra bonus rust sell for over $18k a few months ago. I’m just crossing my fingers the prices come back down to “reasonable” here soon. Patience is key.

... but $29k is pretty steep. :LOL:


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
I noticed that inflation is kicking in and US prices go up on weekly basis, but when I was buying my 2015 model, I found it with lovely 2.1 engine for $17k. Higher mileage, but still bus, with dual AC and some other extras.
2015 V6 at the time could be found for $14k easy.
The listed above Sprinter, beside low mileage has nothing that would attract me.

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