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First of all let me state that I am still learning about my new vehicle, So some of my questions may simply be that I don’t know how or what to ask for.

I’m curious to know if other owners are not able to access all the functions of the MBUX. For example when I ask her to turn on the heated seats she does not turn on the driver seat, but only the passenger seat. I have tried to ask her to turn on only the driver seat and she turns on only the passenger seat in that application as well.

When I ask her to increase or decrease temperature she tells me that that option is not available. Likewise when I ask her to increase or decrease fan speed she tells me that option is not available.

I am assuming that there are some limitations to the functions of the MBUX based on trim level, but I am wondering if there is a software glitch and that is why the driver seat is not being turned on.

Honestly, I have no idea how many functions are available to me or even where to determine what functions are available to me. Perhaps this is a larger conversation, but at the very least I am interested to know why the drivers heated seat does not turn on when I ask her to.

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Has yourMB sprinterS MBUX thought it was a c class 4 dr sedan yet....These things are an electronic disaster


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I guess basically what I am asking is if anyone on this forum owns a 2019 or a 2020 sprinter, what features of the van are you able to control through the MBUX with your voice?


Sprinter MY 2020 2500 170 4x4
I've heard lane keeping assist can be disabled by voice, so I assume some other settings around that area of options can also be turned on/off; but haven't been able to verify myself yet as I'm still only halfway "activated" in the app.

Most of the time the app shows the Sprinter model with some trim panels missing, so I guess they know I'm still working on the van! :ROFLMAO:



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I believe my MercedesMeConnect is properly and completely configured. I can lock/unlock remotely, check engine status, window status and locate my vehicle.

My main reason for posting is that not all features are available.

For example:
1. I cannot control climate conditioning by voice (fan, zone or temperature)
2. I cannot wirelessly charge my phone
3. I cannot reply to text message by voice (I have to select a given message and have it read to me then wait for the prompt to reply)

I’m sure there are other features that I cannot use, but mainly I’m trying to determine if this is related to a corrupted, incomplete or out of date software install. This is my assumption for now. Comprehensive Sprinter service in my area is limited to one dealership. Others can work on it, but all have encouraged me to go to this particular dealer. Considering the MB track record, this is somewhat frustrating, but technology these days is changing faster than I can keep up, so I’m trying to be patient.

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