Swivel passenger seat options?


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Now that I am getting out using our westy I am finding the passenger seat swiveled around to be a little annoying. It hits the console when slid back and the backrest hits my back up monitor. I looked for old posts addressing this but didn’t find much. Has anyone retrofitted the swivel base to one that doesn’t offset the seat toward the centerline of the van.
I saw a post from Zack Woods 2009 that had a line drawing showing the lower bed extending over both seats making what looks like a king size bed! Has anyone seen or done this or is it just a fantasy.


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I always thought of the non-centered swivel seat hinge as kind of ingenious in that it moves the seat to exactly where it needs to be to use the dining table. The trick is to learn how to swivel it while moving the seat controls. With a little practice one can get real smooth and show off the motion ;)


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For now I do it with the passenger door open, flip backrest straight up and move seat on track to about the middle, then swivel clockwise. I think if it latched in place when swiveled it would feel more stable, it kind of moves around hitting stuff, maybe I will try to add a latching mechanism. Thanks for the feedback.



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Besides putting the seat in an ideal location for the large dining table, I find the off-centered swiveled seat allows ingress and egress through the front passenger door. I find it a useful alternative to the noisier sliding door if trying to keep things quiet at night in a campground.

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