Complete loss of coach power


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RV dealers are pretty bad at service anyway, so may I suggest you call a mobile RV tech. Even if it was a warranty item, which it sounds like it may not be, you can call LTV and get approval for repairs and be reimbursed. There is no need to wait months for some unresponsive dealer. Take your business elsewhere. If you Google around for mobile RV repair and read reviews carefully you may be able to find someone nearby to assist.


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I have nothing to add to what has already been suggested for cjf_moraga's loss of power. I just want to take a moment to recognize, perhaps stating the obvious, what a GREAT forum this is! There are so many members that are willing to take the time to share their experience, knowledge and expertise with the sole express purpose of helping other forum members. This thread is a prime example of a member reaching out to the group with their problem and other members jumping right in with their suggestions on a remedy; posting pictures, attaching links et. etc. etc. Truly extraordinary!


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What I did not see in this thread is if the OP cjf_moraga has a generator?
how is the solar setup?
what solar and/or battery management panel is installed.
This might give clues on which component is not charging or not setup for charging the batteries.

To contribute to the discussion on state of the batteries and need for replacement.:
I have read a lot of the forum posts relating to upgrading our FLA deep cycle golf cart batteries; same as seen in the pictures; to learn the limitations. At the end of the day after doing a needs assessment based on how we use the RV, I came to the conclusion that "we" can live with the much cheaper FLA batteries if I pay attention to the ME-RC monitor and give up a few perks when dry camping. This is for "our" power needs for now, it may change if we change the way we want to use the power.
Other factors that came into play.
We might dry camp about 20% of the nights otherwise we can get sites with shore power.
We have an LP generator; 200W of solar and, propane is cheap.
we do not plan on owning the RV for more then 5 yrs.
The public owned parks we have on our list allows running a generator for up to 4 hrs a day.
To make this work it needs more attention to power management and, batteries maintenance. So more things were added to the TO DO list.

The video/blog in this post was very informative in arriving at the conclusion that a change of behaviour was much cheaper then a change of batteries. (-:
OP here.

I do have a diesel generator but there was no power to the control panel so I could not start it. The solar panels are the factory-installed 400w panels with the control panel hiding in the front storage compartment.

However, as updated previously I am up and running at the moment with the battery now hovering around 12.4 Still thinking of replacing them.

Let me echo Danarbor.. this is a great forum and your helpful diagnosis of my problem was superb! (Much better than the dealer) Thanks so much again!


2016 Unity MB
I only have 200W of solar with the 2 original interstate Deep Cycle Batteries (suspect to be about 5 yrs old). I was checking them out a few days ago on a sunny day. I was getting a reading of 14.0V and, when I turned on the inverter it went only down to 13.8V - the water level in both batteries was at almost the full mark having filled them about 2 months ago. If all you are getting when you are charging from solar or the generator is less then 13.6 might be a good idea to look at new batteries after you have cleaned up the battery connections and made sure the (distilled) water was at the full mark.

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