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We are picking up our new Unity RL next week and executing all the dealer paperwork, we have been quoted several add on warranty items, kind of the same extended warranty when purchasing a new car. Separate warranties for chassis and coach, and then just coach, then there is tire and wheel coverage.... for a 5 year coverage looking at $7500.00... is it worth it... supposedly everything is covered except leveling system, generator The tire and wheel part is for 84 months and is 2,495.00 out of that 7500.00.

This is our very first RV and curious to see what RV veterans think and have done with their units.

thank you



2019 Unity CB / 2018 Chas
How handy are you, do you have interest is fixing or learning to fix things yourself? With the exception of heat pump, Truma hot water heater, and refrigerator, most coach related issues can be addressed by you. You can purchase extended warranties from the manufacturer for all three of the items above.

Also consider that with all the RVs being sold, most repair facilities have long wait times for an appointment so you may be without the RV for extended periods waiting for repairs.

For the Sprinter, Mercedes has its own extended warranty, discussed here in the past. You can do a search for the pros and cons.

If you are at all handy, $7,500 seems like a great deal of money not necessarily well spent.


'19/18 LTV Unity(MB)
I got one, but then cancelled it. Got swept up in the moment while doing paperwork. With my warranty I had to have several things done on an annual basis in order to keep the warranty in force (checking wheel bearings, lubing axles, inspecting furnace, inspecting roof for potential leaks, etc.). Some of these are things that would apply more to a trailer, but they were required, nonetheless. (These had to be done by a bonafide RV mechanic. As I recall, it excluded mobile mechanics.) I have both mechanical and electrical experience, so decided that I could effect many repairs myself. Also, most RV maintenance facilities are overwhelmed and understaffed (and in many cases under-skilled), so any trip to the shop may involve weeks/months without access to my rig. For those reasons I decided to "self-insure." I just make sure I've got funds on hand in case I have a problem. So far, 23,000 miles on 2019/18 Unity. Only problem has been ongoing issues with fridge (Dometic RMD-8555). This has a 2-year warranty, so parts have been covered under warranty and, so far, $150 for certified Dometic repair facility to do the diagnostics and repairs. Also, had propane regulator fail while 3,000 miles from home, but I had a replacement ($25 from Amazon) on hand and did that repair in about an hour, myself. (Thanks to folks, on this forum who offered advice on replacement regulators, replacement procedures and the heads-up to carry a spare.) Who knows how long it would have taken to get it repaired at a shop. I regularly inspect roof, do all recommended maintenance on things like lubing the step mechanisms, leak-testing propane systems (leak detector purchased for ~$25), monitoring tire pressures, replacing toilet seals, etc. Hope this helps.


2016 Unity MB
The "supposedly" part is the scary part of your sentence. Fine print does matter.
The expensive parts will be the chassis so best to look at that coverage - getting an extended warranty only works if you are going to keep the unit longer then the MB coverage gets you.
Better to get a Tire Pressure Monitor systems like the TST 507 then getting tire warranty as most tire warranties are usually not replacement but percentage of wear. (or check if the Unity you get has one already; not all of them do) then spend a few hundred $s on a VIA air compressor.
Last extended warranty I got on a 3 yr old car, they were going to refund back a % of the fee if I did not use the warranty during the period it covered.
As mentioned a good tool kit and cans of silicones/grease is a better idea if you are handy.


This was fast, thanks guys.. yeah I consider myself handy... and have always turned down the new car extended warranties the finance mangers try to hard sell you. I feel we are paying a premium for a Unity with their quality they put in their product, and will not be purchasing the extended warranties.

thanks again..


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
My understanding is that all RV appliance come with at least 1 year warranty, while chassis with 3 years/30k miles?
Extended warranty is just insurance and that is how you have to evaluate it. Do you have home repair, or tenant warranty?
If not, why would you buy it on less used RV?
When it comes to chassis - modern technology is having lot of baby teeth, so depends what drivetrain you have, you might want to extend drivetrain warranty. On my Sprinter stupid DEF heater comes with $3500 part price tag, even I can DIY. Some modern vehicles have fuel pump integrated into tank and not serviceable.
That said, the only extended warranty I bought in my life was for 1999 ML320 and it was money down the drain.

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