2002 t1n wont run


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It's been a long project . Bought this van back in may 2020 with a cracked piston. Now after installing a good short block ,new oil pump , cam chain , water pump , head , 5 new injectors, overhauling turbo , installed an om647 intake manifold . Also added a low pressure lift pump before the fuel filter.
I can only get it to run 1 second and it stops
No fuel pressure.
Found 2 connectors that are not hooked up to anything. One's back near the starter ,has one wire ,(not the crank sensor, its connected) .
The other is up top on the head and is a 2 pin female connector. (Not the cam sensor)
I'm in Vancouver BC and dont know anyone who has a 2002-3 sprinter to compare with . . It's been 9 months since I took it apart . Any help would be appreciated


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That engine was not designed to have a lift pump. I suggest you remove the lift pump and make sure you are putting it back to standard using the correct fuel line clamps. if you have no air leaks it should fire up after a few seconds. Eric.

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