HELP! Power Connection Under Driver Seat for Espar Heater


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HELP! Reposting this in a new thread since I am in a bind and need to get the van back on the road. I've nearly completed the ESPAR S2D2L install, both of the front seats are out and I've hit a wall. I'm having trouble figuring out where to pick up power under my 2006 T1N Driver Seat. I was planning on using the battery power on the terminal block (as in this photo however on our van the red wire supplying the block is smaller gauge than the red wire on the harness and the contact is too large (see photo it would touch/bridge the adjacent terminal if fastened). I have also attached a photo of the wiring in the pedestal What is the best solution to get power under there??

This is the last step to getting this thing (and the van) running, thanks in advance for the support!




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How much current does the heater draw? (the amps should be listed in its manual)

The battery power (red) lead on that strip is only fused to deliver 25 amps.

IF your heater fits under the 25 amp "limit", then the best approach is to chop off the existing ring terminal and squish one on that fits into the post's limited space. The "squishing" tool can be had for about $10 at most hardware stores. Better hardware stores (the DoItBest group, for example) will have "beefier" ring terminals for sale in small quantities for reasonable prices.

If you don't want to "damage" the heater's cable (with the hopes of returning it), you could create a short "extension cord" with a small and large ring terminal on it ... then use a nut and bolt to join the two "large" ring terminals together.



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Thanks! From what I have been able to find they run between 2-10 amps (averaging on the lower end most of the time). There is a 20amp individual fuse integrated in the power connection. I'll give the smaller terminal ring a try and see if we can get this wrapped up!

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