Trick to removing rear view mirror


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I want to take off the rear view mirror that's glued to the windshield. Don't see a set screw or any way of getting it off. What's the trick thanks
The puck is glued on. I believe you can heat the glue to the point of glass transition but may break. The mirror slides on and snaps in place. It Should be able to slide it up but it might take convincing

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My dog can knock yours off for me like he did mine.

This video may help. around the 2:00 mark.



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Drop in at a window glass replacement shop and ask them to knock it off.

Bring beer (and/or doughnuts), but don't *give* them the beer until the puck is safely off the glass...


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This video shows one method.

The heating looks a bit scary to me. I think a small flame played only on the metal button is probably critical.

If I were doing a replacement I'd mark around the glue for location before using the scraper blade.


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