Sprinter Privacy Curtains DIY


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I was interested in the Canyon Adventure Vans curtains, but there was a 2 month wait time and a couple of things I wanted a bit different.
My version is this. Less than $90 in material and 2 days work.

I bought this material that went well with the blue grey color. ( thread to go with it) CA vans uses Sunbrella, But I just grabbed a cotton blend not wanting to find out if our machine was heavy-duty enough.
I bought 3/4" backer rod Basically foam rope. ( after fitting it I suggest 1" )
3/4" dowel from the local HWS.

I made mine split closer to the drivers seat for less hassle, also oriented the passenger side over the drivers side so I would not have interference with the drivers side rolling it up out of the way as well climbing through the middle.
They suggest rolling it up and tucking it into the shelf, but I took it a step further not wanting to have to make room for it on the shelf and doubling as a headache protector when rolled up in front of the metal shelf.
I found the piece of foam I could remove at the upper drivers side seatbelt pillar, so I took advantage of this and sewed in a tab to stuff in there to hold the side of the curtain along the radius. V2 I would add 2 more small tabs with a few extra layers and use that instead of the 2 hooks that I used. Velcro would also work nicely.
For the dowels I had them longer at first, but found when I pulled back the curtain I wanted it to fold up, so I cut the dowel and added 2" backer rods between for a solution. I did something similar on the passenger side to allow it bend when rolled up and stored to the right go our storage baskets. I also made strap for pulling the drivers side back out of the way, stuffing this into the pillar and secured with the foam piece.
I doubled the material so I bought 9 yards total.


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