Melbourne roof maintenance

Viper One

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Looking for some information concerning roof maintenance. I didn’t see it in the 2019 Jayco Melbourne manual.

Is it a rubber roof? What kind of cleaner is recommended? What kind of UV protectant is recommended?

I have used 303 marine and aerospace protectant on previous Motorhomes.
Thanks for any advice.


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I am not sure of the roof material but I clean mine with car wash soap and a brush. I check caulking and add to or replace when needed. So far I only had to add to some areas. I will either install Eternabond tape on these areas or go ahead and get one of the lifetime roof coatings installed. I store mine inside so it is not exposed to the elements year round.

Mike DZ

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Could be TPO or EPDM or similar membrane - this is one of the reasons I have always bought Winnebago - fiberglass roofs.

Review your build / option sheet for the Melbourne - Jayco has some roof options - you might find the a code which you can then research and decipher. Earlier RV membrane roofs needed a yearly coating of special roof protectant. One you figure out TPO or EDM you can get care recommendations.

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